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A New Tool for Commercial Building Appraisers
Five ways we are different from what you're using today
  • 1.Right from the start: Rather than starting with occupancy type, we start with the
  • building structure cost and then add one or more use finish costs that actually exist.
  • 2.Your role: Your experience can't be automated, so we give you complete control
  • over the 3 types of depreciation. You can fine-tune the estimate based upon your
  • judgement and expertise.
  • 3.Class matters: We define more precise structure type classifications yielding more
  • precise construction cost accuracy. For example, we define 3 distinct structural
  • types to replace Class C, which is too broad for precision
  • 4.Quality matters: We define quality as differences in workmanship and materials,
  • rather than as vague and general differences in types of material and structure.
  • 5.Efficiency: We save you time and money by producing detailed cost approach
  • estimate PDF reports that can be exhibits attached to your full appraisal report
  • at just $25 per building, not per section!

J Wayne Moore PhD,
New and Improved Cost
Models and Tables
"More precision, more flexibility, more transparency"

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100 reports = $1800
300 reports = $4500
Moore Cost Online is...


Cost the shell of the building independently of the occupancies or uses.

No limit on the number of building sections, levels, wall segments, uses, or features.

Allows for different rates of depreciation for the building structure and the interior use finishes.


Structure types based on cost of construction, not fire resistance.

Over 200 different interior finish uses with cost rates built in as well as 8 structure types and 9 exterior cladding groups.

Individual interior finish use area can be quality and condition graded as well as depreciated independently from other areas and allows for different rates of depreciation for the building structure and the interior finish use.


Building structure cost and use area finish costs are held separately.

Over 200 specific interior use finish cost rates provided. The process gives more flexibility in the application of depreciation.

Any use can be applied to any structure type, resulting in even more precise cost estimates.