About Moore Cost Online

Moore Cost Online, an online and on-demand cost calculator for generating a detailed cost approach value estimate at a cost of only $25 per building.

The online calculator allows users to key-in descriptive elements of commercial & industrial structures for each building section, along with floor level, size, perimeter, structure type, wall height, extra feature, as well as choose as many interior use finishes and sizes as needed. Moore Cost Online also allows different physical, functional, and economic depreciation to be applied separately to the shell structure and to each finished use area.

The result is a detailed report with a more accurate and precise estimate of cost.

Additional features and benefits of Moore Cost Online include:
  • Online and user-friendly
  • Pay as you go or buy in bulk
  • Detailed reports
  • Uses Craftsman Construction Industrial Unit in Place Cost
  • Fee-based on entire buildings, not per section
  • More choices
  • Greater flexibility
  • Greater Accuracy
  • More affordable

Visit www.moorecostonline.com to learn more and to try Moore Cost Online. For a limited time, the first report is free. Additional reports are $25.00 per building. Contact CourthouseUSA for bulk pricing.

About Moore Precision Cost

J WAYNE MOORE PHD, LLC, doing business as MOORE PRECISION COST, is the limited liability company founded by Wayne Moore in 2008 following his more than three decades in mass appraisal. Wayne’s undergraduate degree is in Economics, he holds a master’s degree in Systems Engineering, and his PhD is in Business Administration with a specialty in property taxation. He does independent research and writing, having received three IAAO Technical Essay Awards for his published articles in the past 10 years. He provides assessment advisory services and has focused his more recent research on improving and modernizing the methods for estimating construction costs that are the foundation of the cost approach to value, an important subject that has not received sufficient attention in the past.

As a result of this research and the industry need for modern, accurate, affordable cost models and cost tables for use with the CAMA software being offered by all vendors, Wayne established Moore Precision Cost as a business of J Wayne Moore PHD, LLC to provide cost models and tables specifically designed for use in mass appraisal.

Visit at www.mooreprecisioncost.com to learn more.

About CourthouseUSA

CourthouseUSA provides a variety of best practice software products and web-services for the appraisal industry. Products include ValueArmor (web-based mapping app for identifying statewide commercial comps), Moore Cost Online (online commercial cost calculator), and MobileAssessor (field based app for data collection). Visit www.courthouseusa.com/ to learn more.

About Heritage

Heritage Computer Consulting and Services has been providing highly specialized, custom applications and data management for more than 25 years. The digital world has changed dramatically over that time, and the innovative minds at Heritage stay on the cutting edge. Their expertise in database design and custom applications includes Microsoft Access, SQL Server, VBA, .Net, and many more.

Clients of Heritage come from many different industries, including railroad, mortgage, manufacturing, retail, medical services, non-profit, county and state government. Though their fields are different, they have a need to streamline their businesses and improve their data management. Heritage Computer Consulting and Services can develop a custom solution to any logistical problem ensuring client satisfaction and success.

Visit at www.hccsinc.com to learn more.